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Commemorating the American heroes, it is a matter of honor to pay tribute to the American flag as well.Lyndon B. Heroism is latent in every human soul - However humble or unknown, they (the veterans) have renounced what are accounted pleasures and cheerfully undertaken all the self-denials - privations, toils, dangers, sufferings, sicknesses, mutilations, life-long hurts and losses, death itself - for some great good, dimly seen but dearly held.

They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this Nation.It must be built stone by stone.We must tell their stories so that our children and grandchildren will understand what our lives might have been like had it not been for their sacrifice.

On Memorial Day, we commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in battles to win or preserve our freedom.

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For us, that’s a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve.Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.Thus it is a 3 day holiday celebrated to mark the full weekend in all 50 states.

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the U.S., speaking at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1925:. The men of Normandy had faith that what they were doing was right, faith that they fought for all humanity, faith that a just God would grant them mercy on this beachhead or on the next.We were a bunch of scared kids who had a job to do.– E.

Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.Follow AzQuotes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.Memorial Day Quotes And Images are useful for them who want to create some meme for their friends to share on social sites.

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To every family member of the fallen, I want you to know that the legacy of those you lost does not fade with time, but grows only more powerful.Elizabeth Barrett Browning: "And each man stand with his face in the light of his own drawn sword.As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation's wars.

“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”– Adlai Stevenson.Dwight D. Here on this peaceful hillside, the silent rows of headstones tell tales of service and sacrifice that are so much the story of our nation.

“For love of country they accepted death.” By James A. The modern patriotism, the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism is loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.

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“Freedom is the last, best hope of earth.” Lincoln steered the country through the Civil War, saved the Union and ended slavery.They had been honest enough to admit that they saw there much that was not good.Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.

The Memorial Day greetings are to be free of any political or religious implications as it is not the right time to demonize certain parties, voice support to certain points of view, or encourage any tension.Likewise, it is believed that the heroes who died in the service of their country have risen again when needed.Memorial day remembers those brave hearts and thanks them all for the good deed they had done.

America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

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Many traditions have been lost over the years that neglect to remind us of this truly important day of Remembrance.Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid.How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!.

Be sincere and feel the moment realizing how bitter the pain and loss were. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility.we honor our heroes that pay his life for us.

Many of them were young men and women who did not live long enough to fully experience the privileges that they fought to sustain.Including quotes praising sacrifice made by the American military men and women in a card is also an excellent idea.On thy grave the rain shall fall from the eyes of a mighty nation.

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It’s an uneasy and dangerous task to be a true soldier! We share the sentiments of sorrow and sadness as well as gratitude to honor all fallen heroes of America.Kennedy.Americans keep reading and sending each other patriotic quotes about veterans to show to the whole world that they are praying for peace, being tired of the wounds, scars, and pain of the war times.

“We esteem as well, the Poppy red that develops on fields where valor drove, it appears to the motion to the skies that blood of saints never bites the dust.” By – Moina Michael.I have been an active contributor to The Random Vibez from last 2 years.For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.

Freedom isn't free.As we set today aside to honor and thank our veterans, let us be mindful that we should do this every day of the year and not just one.A Brief History Behind Memorial Day And How It Started Time.

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